About Mia

Mia was a passionate rider and had been riding for years, until a careless driver almost left her broken in a ditch. Thankful to still be alive, she asked herself the what-if questions all bikers try to avoid. What if she hadn’t been able to brake in time? What if she had been laid in the ditch? What if nobody had known where she was?

The answer to those questions became MIA: an app to ensure that bikers didn’t need to be scared of the what-ifs anymore. MIA is there to watch your back. MIA leaves nobody behind.

Every day, bikers die. Most of them leave behind families, all of them leave behind friends and loved ones.  Let’s fix this.


Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable of road users, and while accidents on the road can and do happen, many do not have to.

We have a simple mission: using technology to improve safety in new ways.

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